The Joy of Reinventing Myself

What would you do if you could reinvent yourself?

I'm an introvert, I love being around people, visiting new places, and international cuisine -all within the boundaries of my introverted personality, of course. I don't see myself jumping off of a plane with a parachute yet, but who knows what the future holds, right? One area where I love change the most is in my professional life. I treasure the flexibility I enjoy to set and pursue new goals, to reinvent myself.

I've been employed, I've worked as a freelancer, and have started three different companies achieving different levels of success. But it's the process of figuring out what I want to do next and implementing my vision that I crave. I get very excited by the prospect of starting a new project from the ground up and seeing it materialize and succeed.

I've noticed two primary reasons why people reinvent themselves: they have to (extrinsic factors) or they choose to (intrinsic factors.)

The extrinsic factors go from having a baby to losing a job; from getting married to getting divorced; from moving to a new city to moving out of the old house. What's the commonality here? An outside factor creates the need for reinvention; it is a forced move.

Today, I am writing about women who have chosen to reinvent themselves by starting something new on their own. Women who one day decided, without outside pressure, that they wanted to take the risk and do something different.

I looked up online the meaning of "reinventing oneself" and was surprised to read that some dictionaries refer to the term as changing who you are for others to see you differently. I wasn't expecting that! When I’ve reinvented myself, I’ve done it to challenge myself, to attempt something unfamiliar, never to impress or change someone's opinion about me.

Out of curiosity, I decided to have a chat with two friends (my very unscientific research for this post) to see what motivated them. They both agreed that they have done it because they like the challenge of change. My friend Adriana Maldonado said that reinventing herself keeps her alive, that she feels healthier and with improved self-esteem when she challenges herself in this way. Similarly, Maryleo Rodriguez considers herself "creatively restless" and, therefore, seeks to maximize that creativity and her curiosity by exploring what might be out there that interests her.

Both of them have a family and a comfortable lifestyle, which gives them a level of autonomy without the pressure of having to make ends meet. If their projects were not to succeed (hypothetically speaking, of course,) they wouldn't lose anything of significance -would, perhaps, gain a bruised ego. Anyone would take a risk if a negative outcome didn't affect their bottom line. Evidently, this reasoning does not apply to everyone. Many women put a great deal on the line -from their life savings to their job security or more- to follow their dreams and start afresh. Like Maryleo and Adriana, other women I know have chosen to reinvent themselves with great success, turning their passion into a lucrative business or a worthy charitable organization.

What new professional goals do you want to accomplish?

I believe that women who decide to reinvent themselves are more enthusiastic about their future. For me, it's all about fresh starts and renewal. The prospect of a fresh start gives me something fabulous to look forward to every morning of every day. Implementing my vision requires hard work, commitment, and dedication, don't get me wrong, but when it finally blooms, it's incredibly exciting!

What would motivate you to reinvent yourself professionally? Do you consider it too risky to even try?

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