Making The Most Of Social Distancing

During quarantine, I’ve tried to come up with different things to do to keep busy on top of the usual work and home duties. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that about a month ago, I decided to make the most of this now-normal situation. And like most of you, with life outside the home at a standstill, I've found myself with extra time on my hands.

Make the most of these social distancing days.

So, I asked myself, what should I do with this time? And a list of ideas popped up into my head. The next question was obvious: where do I start? Since organizing is my thing, I decided to top off my three buckets of intentions: self-care, work, and family. I’m mindful to pick at least two ideas from each of the three buckets to do Monday to Friday. Weekends fall into the "unplanned” category. For me, it’s key to have different routines for weekdays and weekends. I don’t want all my days looking like an endless loop of work and housework.

Purposefully planning activities that fulfill these three aspects of my life is a great way to ensure that my days are always amazing. Planning three buckets of intentions is something I've been practicing for a while, but now I feel it's more important than ever. By dividing my priorities like this, I make sure that I have time for work and pleasure without one aspect overshadowing the other two.

If you have never thought about your buckets of intention and would like to explore this idea, this is a great time to start. The following are some of the things I've been focusing on in each bucket. Maybe you can find a thing or two you may want to try.

Bucket One: Self-care and personal time. This has been the most fun of the three because I’ve been doing things I rarely do. For instance, I rarely spend time watching videos. Actually, to tell you the truth, I find most of them a waste of my time -mainly if they’re longer than 10 minutes. That's my maximum weekly attention span for just-for-fun YouTube videos. However, there are a couple of things I've been wanting to check out, so I tackled those first. I’ve watched tutorials on trivial topics such as makeup application and improving my social media publishing skills. I was curious to learn a few new tricks and this seemed like a good time to cross those off my list.

My morning walks are an infusion of energy.

My morning walks spark joy every single day. I miss the structure of a gym and chitchatting with my friends between classes, yet a brisk walk at sunrise is an infusion of energy that carries me through the rest of the day. Other experiments include trying out different hairstyles and new nail polishes. Since I have to do my own nails now -gulp!- why not make it fun by trying out bold shades? After all, who’s going to notice my amateurish manicure anyway? And of course, my self-care all-time favorites like reading, reflection time, and sleeping are always at the top of my list.

Bucket Two: Family. Hands down, this is the one I'm loving the most. My son is home from college -not sure he's liking this as much as I am, but it is what it is, right? My husband, my son, and I have been enjoying meals together for weeks now. The added positive is that we’re sharing meal preps. Yeah! On weekends and some weeknights, they take over and grill our food. I love that we get to spend time together outdoors. It's something so simple yet so refreshing and memorable, absolutely priceless. These days, even pizza and Netflix is something to look forward to. Luckily, the three of us are putting our best foot forward and making the most of this precious time together.

Bucket Three: Work. Since I work from home already, I haven’t had to make significant adjustments to my work routine. The biggest one is not being able to meet people face to face. Videocalls are trendy but never as much fun as talking with someone in person. However, I have embraced this now-normal way of working, and with the help of YouTube tutorials, I’ve been able to make some decent video appearances.

With this newfound time, I've also been taking more webinars, online courses, watching more Instagram and Facebook Lives with interesting people, tutorials, and everything in between. A new pursuit has been checking out new productivity and time management apps and learning more about my previously downloaded ones. What better time to learn how to use all those features I have underutilized for months?

We might be at the tail end of this social distancing experience. Personally, I’m glad because so far, I’ve managed to cross off from my wish list a ton of stuff that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. This isn’t to say that I’m not ready to return to the usual rhythm of my daily routines, I am! But whenever this lockdown ends, I’ll look back and feel satisfied with all the things I did. When I watch the news and see how cruel the COVID-19 pandemic has been for so many, I can't be but grateful for my health, the health of my family, and how lucky I am to be able to stay safe at home.

What about you? What are your buckets of intentions? What’s in them? I would love to hear your ideas. Please comment below, and share and like this post!

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