Make Time to Reinvent Yourself

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Sometimes I need to do something new, something fresh. Sometimes I wish I could just start over and do something different. So, I just do it.

I've reinvented myself several times over the years, and I love it! For family reasons I've had to move several times, first from my home country of Venezuela to the U.S. and then a few times within the U.S., and every time I've had to start over and do something different. I've had to reinvent myself time and time again.

The first time it was hard, leaving a high-paying job to move to a country where I couldn't work, away from family and friends, and on top of it all, a newlywed! But, of course, I couldn’t sit there and watch my life go by. And so, I went back to school. That was just the beginning.

To make a very long story short, during the past 26 years I became the mom of a very active boy, I've been a student several times, worked in two different daycare centers in two different states, started a translation services company, became the Chief Operations Officer for a nonprofit, I'm the Houston representative of a Venezuelan jewelry brand, help my husband as the co-owner of a learning center, have been a mentor in my school district for the past six years, and just this year started Organizing Concepts, a productivity consulting company.

People often ask me how I do all I do. The answer is that I'm very organized with my time. I see a connection between people who are efficient with their time and people who have successfully reinvented themselves time after time. I became curious about this when a friend told me that he was waiting until retirement in a couple of years to "reinvent himself." Hmm, I thought, why not start thinking about possibilities now and act upon the chosen option in full force once retirement is here? Then I started thinking about the personality traits of this person: as per Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies, he’s an Obliger -a person who responds better to external expectations than to internal ones-; tends to procrastinate in most matters not work-related, and generally, doesn’t like to do more than one thing at a time. These characteristics lead me to believe that his time management skills could use a little improvement.

Then, I started thinking about the people I know who have never changed their status quo, people who have been doing the same year after year, and I came to the realization that these people in particular care very little about following a calendar or keeping a to-do list. On the other hand, people who have successfully reinvented themselves -some my friends and some public personalities I follow- by leaving behind the corporate world and and follow their passion, tend to have excellent time management skills.

I believe there is a connection between the ability to reinvent yourself successfully and the ability to control how you use your time. Since I suspect that there must be a ton of literature on this topic, over the course of this year I’ll be exploring this connection and reporting back here periodically, and I hope you join me on this adventure!

Find your passion and see the possibilities

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