Are Your Excuses Holding You Back?

We’re seven months into 2020, time to assess what you've accomplished so far and what you haven't yet. That this has been an unusual year is an understatement, but that shouldn't prevent you from achieving those goals you set for yourself in January. Mid-year is the time to look back at your achievements and ahead to what's still in the pipeline.

Don't let your unconscious resistance hold you back.

The pandemic has altered many aspects of normal life, making this year's review even more relevant. By now, you should have revised your goals and adapted them to the current situation, but if you haven’t and are blaming the pandemic for your lack of progress, ask yourself, Is the pandemic what's truly holding you back? Or is it a convenient excuse feeding an unconscious resistance? It’s time for some introspection.

Women who suddenly transitioned to remote work while also taking care of housework and childcare have had to kick their personal projects to the end of the line. Many women aspire to start a business, yet the timing to do so is never good. Excuses like the children are still too young, there isn’t enough time, or money is too tight right now start to come up. There’s always an excuse. The question is if this unconscious resistance is just anxiety to start something new. Often, the answer is yes.

The time to reinvent yourself and follow your dreams is never perfect. There is no “Start Today” sign that will magically light-up at the ideal time. At some point, you’ll have to take a leap of faith and figure things out as you go. You’ll never have the perfect answer to everything, or the perfect team around you, and you’ll never have all the time in the world to dedicate to your new endeavor. And that is okay. Entrepreneurs focus on what they do have: a viable idea for a project, a plan for an innovative business, and extra time thanks to not having to commute to work. That’s a good starting point.

After your mid-year check-in, focus on the six months ahead and make things happen. Think about the advantages you enjoy now that you wouldn’t have if not for the pandemic. Turn these extraordinary circumstances into something useful and make the most out of these unusual times. Avoid getting entangled in busyness and trivial activities that waste time and derail your goals.

Make more time for what you love to do.

Take a few minutes tonight to look back at the past six months, and highlight the good things you’ve done so far and the progress you’ve made. Then, focus on those goals that you have abandoned and figure out why you haven’t gotten to them yet. Is it truly the pandemic? Is there an internal struggle that’s holding you back? Remember that canceling, adjusting, or rewriting a goal is perfectly valid now and at any time, so don’t feel disappointed for not completing a particular goal as you initially framed it.

You adopted new work and family routines when the pandemic hit, which also opened up new opportunities to grow and improvise, so, re-think and re-design your initial plans to make them viable. Don’t let excuses stop you and make the most of the months ahead. Your projects are important to you, and that's all that matters. Make them a priority now.

Once you do your mid-year check-in, you’ll have a clearer idea of where you stand. Take this review seriously and make the conscious decision to move forward toward what matters to you. Don't wish the next six months away because of COVID-19; instead, make the most of them.

Has the pandemic derailed your 2020 goals? I invite you to log in below and share your thoughts; I would love to read them! If you liked this post, please like it, share it and leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and may your planning bring you peace of mind this week.

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